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our engagement
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our engagement
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our engagement
Hey all i have something to tell you. As a few of you know i have been spending a lot of time with Steph (jadestar). Last weekend i flew out to West Virginia to meet her. We had the most wonderful time together that on sunday before i left i asked her to marry me. HI love i'll let you tell everyone what your answer was. Love ya Steph
Don't worry everyone...of course I said yes.  How could I say no to a wonderful guy such as Rick?  And the best part?     After our marriage on July 15, he's moving to West Virginia so that I can still attend WVU as planned!!  I've never been so happy in my entire life.  Love ya Rick.
Yo, I m Kobe. I m happy 4 u 2 ;)

LOL, I've got to tell rebso this :D can he come? he's a big softy MWHAHA. Happy for you both, even thought you guys don't even know me. I was the guy derminted yesterday for "harrsing" B-1 ;)


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Apr 2, 2006
PS-I was the one who has have had driven reb from tanx :D
Some people just dont like other people to be happy.

Thats just the way they are.

I hope you two , Mukedup + Jadestar are very happy together. Good Luck.

Will you be known as Mukedstar + Jadeup now ?

;) :D 
WoW, Congrats guys, hope you two have a good life together...

Best of Luck... 

c ya
Beware of internet relationships..
ummmm  muke  i say MEOW,  tanx is a vedy vedy stange plaizz as my Boston people may say, perhaps that is the very reason we all love it and find it a very intedesting 1, I think jade is gona be a very happy girl, and you muke lets go play me 1 on 1 now:@ now:@now:@now,  you have fail to pay any rent and some how avoid eviction.

Am making the room  ;\ lets settle this rated;\LOL

  Goodluck to the both of you:)
This can't be true.  You guys are just having fun with us
:D Good news indeed :D

I hope the 2 of you are very happy together.....mick.;)
i think im gonna be sick


plz continue if anyone finds anything else

WOW Im shocked :o im happy for u 2 have a great time, c u guys around, gluck u 2 :)
good luck in youre new life you 2! happy marige :)
REB, Id love to get together with you sometime sweetheart ^.^
Ever heard of April Fools ?  Lol  They gotcha good....
some people never learn. marriage suks, it was invented by women so that when the mans eye started to look at newer younger pasture she would get the porsche,the house and the 90% of your bank balance,but hey what would i know , im new to this marriage game,only 25years and I still think she is a goddess, good luck to you both, and my advice, dont buy a porsche, stick with ford, they depreciate less ;)
Haven't seen either of them since the announcement
maybe they are to busy,think about it,you are with the girl of your dreams,alone ,together, in front of a cosy fire under a star lit night,..chardoney on ice, soft music playing in the back gound,and she turns to you and says,,,what do you want to do babe,,,LETS PLAY TANX......
good luck to the both of you and good advice devastater 


Yes this was a April fools joke. Its amazing how many of you bought it hook line n sinker lmao..Muke
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.:'(   Id bought my self a bridesmaids dress to,,,,,,im gutted:(
You must be a girl devastator if you bought yourself a bridemaid's dress.  Are you?

And that was a real April fool's joke and a good thing I didn't hear about it until the joke was over.

And no, my name is not Grace.  But I know somebody who is.
Gracey.you should be a detective,,
Ahem, In the United Kingdom , April Fool's day is on the first of April. 

Is it on A diffrent  day where you are ,mukedup ?

April first*

April 4 is my birthday.........
yeah muke.since when has april fools been in february;\