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possibly a dumb question
possibly a dumb question
possibly a dumb question
The Pure Mage:
Pure mages do not use weapons at all; instead they carry two shields. 
Mages trained this way are probably the strongest characters in the game.
They train chiefly persistence and intelligence, so they have lots of hitpoints and manapoints.
Quickness - 23 - (level / 1.5) + 3 
Persistence - 60 - level * 2
Intelligence - 54 - all extra points
Strength - 1 - do not train
Dexterity - 1 - do not train
Luck - 1 - do not train

1.)now what exactly does 
(level / 1.5) + 3
level * 2

2.)and if i was making a pure mage, do i stop attributing points once these levels are met? do i stop putting points in persistance once 60 is met and put the rest into intelligence?
1. level/1.5 mean the exp lvl divied by 1.5 for example 30/1.5=20+3=23 so ur quick ness should be 23 at lvl 30. Level*2=level times or multiplied by 2 so 30 *2=60

2. these figures are for up to lvl 30 after that follow the forumlas like lvl/1.5+3 and lvl *2 when adding points every lvl
and...not a dumb question.  It shows you are thinking and trying to play the best game possible.  Players like that are always appreciated in this game.  Come to chat sometime.
ok, so to get the most out of the points for example my level 15 mage should have a quickness of 13?  and just follow the formula per level?  

i think i get it..am i right?
yup follow the formula for quick and persis and anything left over goes into intell you got it right and good luck
yeah so ive seen that you can make "pure" characters... for example... pure mages or pure diggers... is there a site that you should go to to look these things up? i want to see my choices
There is a topic dedicated only to that. Try 
Step-by-step instructions for new players
 topic. One of the links is dedicated to characters creation only.