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anyone hear from scribbles?
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anyone hear from scribbles?
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anyone hear from scribbles?
wonderin' if he is alive and well
woah that's so pathetic, seriously.... he's probably hanging out with his daughter or something :)
Scribbles is on vaction and should be back this week but not sure what day. So there you have it :)
cool. hope he's having fun. hes a really cool guy to talk to.
thanks quack quack. i was actually worried.
championships, i dont even know u, and at that fact i dont even talk to you. so what is it u have against me? 
anywayz, i hope scribbs is having fun and playing it safe. thanks for tellin us quack quack.
wow he's alive, lets plan a "welcome back" party for him :p lol
*gets out the drinks and food* everybody! Scribbs is back! *hugs scribbs* we missed u buddy! did ya have fun?
i had a great time neith.....ty mam
how the heck are u.........and why wont u 
holler at me ?????  hmmmmm  ?????
love ya  
ran   :D
lol. i know i will soon. glad u had fun. where did ya go and who did ya go with? just curios. well we missed ya. *Hugs again*
hey scribbs hows it goin? havent seen ya lately.
hey hun ..dang where ya been
been forever
i wish ya would come and see everyone
not jsut in forums silly thing
just do it !!

lol. will do sometime. luv yas scribbs. hows life treatin ya?
hey is it true u have a daughter? its no prob ar anything, just curious. well im doin pretty okay. lifes goin good. missed ya. *hug*
Yes, bloody, he has a daughter... and she's sooo cute!!!
No...That girl is my daughter and Hana is her mommy. Do the math.
lol yes neith i do.....and shes awesome
and hana.....awww...ty  soooo much  :)

omg,,he arose from the dead and spoke to many,,,
reminds me of someone but cant quite place the name,

I think his mum was callen Hairy,,something like that:(
well i didnt know and i was just wonderin. well thats cool scribbs. miss ya alot. luv lots.