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TA's Future?
TA's Future?
TA's Future?
With 75 squares not yet cleared (+/- 1) there is approxamitly 21,166,868 monsters left on the island.  (32,982,201,252 experience points on the low end) When that eventfull day arrives what will the mulititude of characters do with themselves?  Will there be more missions, this time located on TA? Since the citizens cleared this island will they remain under the ruling monark or form thier own country?  Will there come a time that you can buy a house on TA and live there?  Will there ever be a easier way to travel between the islands beside using a boat?  Will anything ever come of those three little islands we pass on our way to and from TA?  (Why not make each one a Fighters Guild, Mages Guild & Thieves Guild?) I guess in short what is the future of Larkinor?  Does anyone know or have a clue?  What are the thoughts of the citizens?  Thoughts to ponder.
Oh we know all right - to an extent

1. there aint 21 million monsters left, and i dunno how you worked that out. Its more like 9 million monsters.

2. the multitude of characters will undoubtedly return to normal fighting, or help in the monstalogy and/or building work.

3. Thord-Artin, and all of the other islands, will not become "guilds". This aint the forbidden game we hate to hear the sound of in chat.

4. We wont buy a house on TA i dont think.
We should construct an airport. :D Or are we not that into technology yet? :(
TA missions would be cool to have though, and maybe we'll find a random magic portal somewhere? who knows
ok lets clear some stuff up since there seems to be alot of assumption here. there are 82 square on ta in total (81 with monsters, 1 with a lake), traveling to ta with never be easier then it is, there wont be guilds on ta ever period, when it is clear and all constructed (in about 2 years or so) that may not be the end of the ta story ;)
Let me clerify the statement about the Guilds.  What I had in mind was on the islands marked as "unreachable", build a fortress on one, a mage tower on another and I guess a casino on the last one, thus giving the apperance of guilds. At least this would be making some use out of those islands.
i doubt that will ever ahppen those island are just for markers so u dont get lost