Pawns are getting stronger

Reformation attempt in the Chess world

Hungary, Budapest, 26th of October,- A new variant of Chess – invented by the members of Chess Informant, the creators of the universal chess language – can now be played live at the game portal. The game offers new excitement for the lovers of chess by decreasing the chance of draws.

Chess Informant Chess was invented by experts of the Chess Informant magazine, which is out in 3 million copies worldwide. Their intention was to make the game less predictable and thus more interesting. The magazine’s colleagues were carefully examining the chess game in the past 30 years and they have recognized that the game improved more quantitatively than qualitatively: not in the intuitive game style played by the masters, but rather in the number of variants acquired by the masters.
It has been an issue among chess players all over the world that a new, more exciting game with less draws would be beneficial for the World Chess Federation as well, since the chess tournaments that end with draws do not attract more fans for chess itself.

In Chess Informant Chess the pawn is stronger than in the classical game. In this variant – versus the classical game, where the pawn can be promoted only in the last row - the pawn can be promoted in the last but one row.

"Owing to this rule modification, the number of endings are growing and lot of standings can be played, that exist only in theory in the chess game. We think that the chess world would benefit from the collateral improvement of classical chess and Chess Informant Chess" – said Milan Bjelajac, editor of Chess Informant.

Chess Informant Chess can be tested at Hungarian Solware’s game portal . Many high-class chess players are amongst the registered users here, which will make the game especially interesting.

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About Chess Informant
Chess Informant is one of the leading Chess Publishers, which has been present in the world of chess since 1966. Establishing the magazine was the idea of the Serbian grand master Aleksandar Matanovic, who realized that one of the reasons for the Soviets absolute supremacy in the world was that the powerful Soviet Chess Federation provided them with all the necessary information. That’s why he decided to set up a publication, which contains accessible and expansive information for the chess players from all around the world. The universal chess language introduced by Chess Informant (system of symbols and ECO codes explained in ten different languages) broke the language barriers and made the Chess Informant publications understandable and well recognized by chess players all over the world. The circulation of the Chess Informant was increasing by the speed of a mountain stream. Three million books found their way to the readers in 150 countries and the Chess Informant became an official FIDE organ. Beside Chess Informant, which appears three times a year, the following significant publications are: Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings, Anthology of Chess Combinations, Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings and Monographs of Chess Openings.

About Solware, Ltd.
Solware was established in 1998, in Budapest, Hungary, its core activity being software design and development. From the very beginning the company has undertaken projects for the Dutch market developing unique software, later collaborated with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in developing intelligent systems. Solware took up a new line of business in 2000 with the main focus on java-based Internet games. This activity soon brought reputation for the company through international partnerships (Real, Eurosport, RTL). The games are currently known to more than 4 million players worldwide, mainly from the US, UK and Brazil. In 2001 Solware established the FlyOrDie label, under which its game portfolio is still being published, including but not limited to simple puzzles as well as the most complex 3D simulation software. The company has built an international advertising network by 2005, with currently more than 150 million banners shown monthly on the game pages. Meanwhile the development of complex e-commerce, and Internet based solutions for large and medium size businesses still continues.

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