FlyOrDie Brings Blitz Chess


March 25, 2004,- FlyOrDie is proud to announce that its latest Chess game for online play has been released.

Following the success of the original web-based game, FlyOrDie has decided to go one step further and publish an alternate version of FlyOrDie Chess. With over a million registered players during the past 2 years for the previous version, FlyOrDie hopes for even better success with the new release...

With the ability to set the time control, the quick-thinkers can now show what it takes to be a Blitz-Chess champion. Based on separate statistics and toplists for each version, the rating system is supposed to better approximate the actual skills of the players.

Besides other improvements of the game - including enhanced user interface, making the game visually more attractive; prevention of illegal activities during the game; more detailed statistics and toplists; and upcoming Blitz-Tournaments - the developers were keen on preserving many aspects of the game, including its outstandingly original graphics.

With the full version of the game, retailing for 7.99$ annually, one has access to all additional features that the game currently offers.

"A unique opportunity for the developers, to recuperate after only a few minutes of gameplay, and continue with more power than ever, as games having been lasting for half an hour until now have always been a thorn in the employer's flesh." - confesses Dániel Szabó, member of the FlyOrDie Development Team.

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