LEFT-CLICK on the spot where the tank should move. CTRL + LEFT-CLICK more times to select move's path.
Be aware that the tank can not move anywhere - like up on steep mountains or down on clefts. Back off from these. You also move slower on certain terrains like mountain up or in sand.

Look around by turning the camera, switching to observer mode or turn fast around using these switches:
Camera modes
In default mode, press SHIFT and move the mouse. In the second mode move the mouse and press SHIFT to fix the camera.
Observer mode
LEFT-MOUSE moves forward, RIGHT-MOUSE back, SHIFT + MOUSE-MOVE turns the camera.
Turn fast
Press LEFT or RIGHT keys or these buttons to move the camera fast.
Shows the geography of the terrain, the objects and your position.
White spots are tanks - the one in the middle is your tank.
The yellow spot indicates the direction your camera is directed to.
Red spots are objects that can be picked up.
The blue spot is a shot that was fired.

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