How to clear your browser's cache

Cache is a local storage area in your browser in which previously viewed web pages and images are stored. If a previously viewed web page is accessed again, the copy is loaded from the cache. With this technique, unnecessary Internet traffic is avoided. However, once there are new versions of files on the server, the cache must be refreshed. To ensure that the current copy is loaded from the server and not from the cache, clear the disk and memory cache in your browser and load the page again.

How to clear the cache is depends on which browser are you using. Select the appropriate browser from the list below to view the instructions.

Google Chrome
  • Click the Customize and control menu. (the wrench icon in the upper-right corner)
  • Select Tools.
  • Select Clear browsing data.
  • Make sure that Empty the cache is checked.
  • Make sure that Delete cookies... is NOT checked.
  • Click Clear Browsing Data when ready.
Firefox Browser logo Mozilla Firefox
  • Click Tools and select Clear Recent History.
  • Click the Privacy Icon.
  • Make sure that Cache is checked.
  • Make sure that Cookies is NOT checked.
  • Click Clear Now.
  • Restart browser.
Android / Chrome
  • Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy.
  • Tap CLEAR BROWSING DATA at the bottom of the screen, leave cache selected, then tap Clear.
iOS / Safari
  • From the home screen, go to Settings > Safari.
  • Toward the bottom of Safari's settings screen, tap the buttons for Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data as appropriate. Tap Clear each time to confirm.
  • From the File menu, click to select Preferences.
  • From Preferences, click to select History and cache.
  • To clear Disk cache, click Empty now.
  • Click Ok.
  • Restart browser.
Internet Explorer 9
  • Select Tools | Delete browsing history menu item from the main menu.
  • Make sure that Temporary Internet files is checked.
  • NOTE: DO NOT select Cookies. Delete Cookies removes all the cookies stored on the computer.
  • Click Delete.
  • Restart browser.
Clearing the Java cache

Occasionally you might also need to clear your java cache. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to START menu and select Control panel
  • Search for Java
  • Select the General tab.
  • At the "Temporary Internet files" section click on Settings.
  • Click on Delete files
  • Check all checkboxes if not checked and click on OK
  • Close the java control panel windows by clicking on Ok