Browser settings

Enabling cookies

To play games on, your computer system should have cookies enabled so that the necessary files can be installed. If your Internet browser security or privacy levels are high, you might not be able to access cookies and may receive warnings. Follow the steps below to change your browser's security or privacy levels.

If you have set Parental Controls for your Internet browser, you may receive a permissions page error message. Disable these settings to access

Enabling cookies in Internet Explorer

  1. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
  2. Click on the Privacy tab.
  3. Click the Default button (or manually slide the bar down to "Medium") under Settings.
  4. Click OK.

NOTE: If you make changes while Internet Explorer or MSN Explorer is open, be sure to exit, and restart your browser to initialize these changes.

Enabling cookies in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Go to the Tools menu.
  2. Select Options.
  3. Select the Privacy icon in the left panel.
  4. At "History" select Remember history.
  5. Click OK to save changes.
  6. Exit and restart Firefox to initialize the changes.

Enabling cookies in Google Chrome

  1. On the web browser menu click on the Customize and control Google Chrome (small wrench) and select Settings.
  2. Click on Show advanced settings at the bottom of page.
  3. Click on the Content settings... button in Privacy section.
  4. Select Allow local data to be set.
  5. Click Ok .