The game is played on a board of 169 squares distributed in 13 rows and 13 columns; each of the two players uses different pieces, one of them crosses (x) the other one noughts (o).


The objective is to make a straight line (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) with 5 pieces of the own colour.

The player who uses the black x starts the game; both players will make one move by turn.

One move entails in placing one piece in an empty square of the board. The pieces inside the board cannot be moved again.

How to start a game?

You get into the Lobby after logging in. The bottom list contains other people in the lobby, over it are the matches being played, and the chat box in the bottom-left panel.

You can Challenge somebody for a match by clicking on the player and then on [Challenge].

You can View a match by selecting the match and clicking on [Watch].