How to play GO?
The aim of Go is to capture more territory and prisoners than your opponent.
Start of the game
The game is played on a grid of points. A Go move is played on the intersections of the lines. The black player moves first.
Capturing Stones
During a Go game one or more stones can be captured by completely surrounding them on four sides, i.e. filling all empty points around them.
If a move would result in the same board pattern that existed before the opponent's move, the player is required to abstain from that move and make a move elsewhere. This situation is known as a KO (the knot). This rule is used to prevent stalemates and endless repetition.
End of the game
A player may pass instead of placing a stone. When both players pass consecutively, the game is finished and the system will analyze the board. A player's score is the number of empty points enclosed only by his stones (dead stones are removed) plus the number of captured stones. The player with the higher score wins.