January 20, 2004 - Billiard update

Improved break
- Changed physics of the breaks, resulting in more realistic spreads
- Opening breaks no longer allowed backwards
- Added cue random placement at the break in order to prevent predictable breaks

Enhanced snooker
Added professional snooker room with bigger snooker table for advanced players.

Side Spin (English)
Effects of side spin are included in the simulation (more details)

September 19, 2003 - Rating system updated

Rating system updated in favour of series of games against the same opponent

November 20, 2002 - Billiard rules updated

Third timeout equals a loss
Possibility to concede a frame in snooker
Reverse break not allowed in pool
Results after the break following serial shots are less predictable (cueball random placement)

February 12, 2002 - New rules has been introduced to prevent unsportsmanlike behaviour

Time limit
This feature disables players waiting for the opponent to quit by not taking any shots.
Each shot now has to be completed in 60 seconds, otherwise a foul is called.

Snooker - Pass rule
This rule prevents intentional fouls in snooker.
After a foul is committed, incoming player has the choice of (1) play the ball(s) as they lie, or (2) request to pass shot and have the offending player play the stroke again (without returning to the original position) by pressing the [Pass] button.

July 16, 2001 - Muting Players feature is added and Flooding is under control

Muting Players
This feature makes it possible to ignore selected players. Ignoring means you don't see what they write in the chat window and you can't be challenged by them for a match.
To mute a player click on the player's name in the Player list and then on [Mute] in the lobby or while playing.
To unmute a player click on the name and then on [Mute].

Flooding is a way to disturb people in the chat by pressing the ENTER key too frequently after each other in a short time (which makes the window scroll).
This problem is solved now by controlling the time that has to elapse between 2 ENTER keys.

July 4, 2001 - 8-Ball and Snooker rules have been changed to conform the official game rules

8-Ball rule changes
1. The game can be won by sinking the 8 ball in ANY pocket after all other balls are pocketed. Until now it had to be sunk into the pocket opposite to the one into which the last ball was pocketed.
2. As long as you strike your own ball first, and sink one of your opponents balls, the shot is legal. Until now it was illegal to strike your own ball first, sink the target ball (or another of your own balls) then sink one of your opponent's balls.
Snooker rule changes
1. Breaking off from the half-circle to the Baulk is allowed.
2. If the striker's ball on is a color, and he pots any other ball, it is a foul.
3. After potting the last red, the target ball is a color one, spotted if potted.
4. Should more than one foul be committed in the same stroke the highest value penalty shall be incurred.
5. Penalties for fouls have a minimal value of 4.
6. It is not necessary to send a ball to a rail.
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