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FlyOrDie™ has established itself as one of the leading developers of online multiplayer games in the past years. Our main titles include 3D Billiards, Tanx, Chess and several other board games. All these games have a free and a subscription based version. Subscribing players have some extra features in comparison to the free players but they can still play against each other. We have developed a strong distribution network for these games that include – RealNetworks, Flipside, Eurosport and RTL NewMedia.
FlyOrDie offers advertising solutions to promote your products and services in form of banner advertising on the web site and in our games or in form of branding the games by customizing their look-and-feel to match the advertiser’s appearance and to communicate the advertiser’s key marketing messages.

Visitor Demographics

People from around the world regularly visit the website since its launch in 2000: in recent months website has had visitors from 192 countries of the world, representing all continents except Antarctic.

FlyOrDie games attract mainly younger players: approximately 80 percent of our visitors are under the age of 30, 84% of whom are male:

Approximately 90 000 unique users visit our site daily, the number of pageviews is above 300 000 each day. Average playing time varies between 18 and 36 minutes depending on the game:

Supported Ad Formats

On average, delivers at least 250 million impressions to advertisers monthly:

  • Banner (468x60 pixels)
    Displayed on top of the game windows, rotated while the game is being played
  • Skyscraper (120x600 pixels)
    Displayed on the left side of the game windows, rotated while the game is being played
  • Interstitial (300x300 pixels or any size smaller)
    Displayed while the games are loading (min. 20 seconds)
  • Popunders (any size)
    Displayed each time a game window is closed.

Branding opportunity

Online games are an incredibly successful method of increasing your brand awareness or image to the marketplace. Every user playing the game will be exposed to your brand, and form a greater emotional attachment through interactivity than would be possible through passive websites.

Further Information

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